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Jorge DeLara
Facility Foreman
Jorge is an outstanding horseman with over 25 years of experience. Jorge started working with horses when he was 23 years old. He started working in the stable, cleaning stalls, and taking care of the horses. It was soon clear that Jorge possessed a natural ability to work with horses and he was trained as a show groom. For many years after that,  Jorge traveled around the United States working at horse shows and for private families. He learned to drive heavy equipment, to haul the horses. He learned how to do basic carpentry work, mechanic work and any other task that was asked of him. He was a dedicated and hard working man that loved working with the horses. 
In the winter of 2015, Jorge came to work for Serenity Farm. Jorge's position as head groom and Facility manager is a representation of his commitment and dedication to the quality and safety of all the horses, staff and facility at Serenity Farm. 
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