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Cindy Cruciotti
Ever since she could remember Cindy has loved horses.  When she was 4 years old, her parents, Ray and Gloria Ovendale came into the living room to find their little girl riding the Television set saying,  “Horsie”.
Cindy was raised with her older brother Steve in a modest household that was not in a position to support such a luxury as a horse. Cindy’s father Ray was a retired US Navy Veteran and worked as a Carpenter running his family’s custom cabinetry shop. Cindy’s mother Gloria was a stay at home mom. 
Their family would spend Sunday evenings at home with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken watching the Wonderful world of Disney. Weekends were spent doing little league baseball, swim meets and football games.  Family summer vacations were spent backpacking and camping as it was an inexpensive way to vacation. 
As the years went by, Cindy never lost her love for the horses, but the dream of ever riding a horse slowly deteriorated. She just about gave up all hope of ever getting to be around horses when one fateful night her dad walked into the house announcing that he had arranged for Cindy to take a few lessons at a local stable. Cindy had just turned 14 and from that moment on she lived and breathed horses at Rainbow Canyon Ranch in California.
Knowing that there was only enough money to take one lesson a week, at 15 Cindy took a job as a hostess at a local restaurant and a bagger at the local supermarket.  Cindy was determined to earn enough money to pay for her riding.  When she wasn’t working, or going to school, Cindy would spend all of her time during the summer and after school at the barn helping out.  Cindy found ways to work in exchange for extra lessons.  She quickly learned to hold horses for the vet, body clip, braid, pick up rocks, groom or exercise the school horses… whatever she could do to be around the horses.  Cindy was the proverbial “barn rat”. 
Cindy’s talent and determination was impressive and at the age of 19 she had become so proficient at the barn that she was offered an assistant trainer position.  Cindy worked 17 hour days, rode 15 horses and taught over 20 lessons a day.  Weekends were spent coaching her students at local one day shows and nights spent working on her college degree.  Under the tutelage of stable owner Mary Gatti and Kelli Clevenger, Cindy continued to grow and learn as a young professional.  For her, life was perfect.
In 2004 Cindy and her family moved to Denver Colorado where she built and opened her prestigious Serenity Farm Show stables.  After 18 years of building this highly successful business, Cindy decided to relocate the business with her daughter, Kelli, to Wellington Florida where they currently reside.
 Cindy’s humble beginnings were the foundation for her infallible horsemanship, philosophy and training methods. She is highly respected throughout the industry of show jumping and  is known for her unique talents as both an instructor and rider.
 A few of her impressive accolades include being  named best equitation trainer at the Capital Challenge horse show and at the Pennsylvania National horse show after her student took the top honors of the coveted 2015 Pessoa medal finals. In 2013 her student was 2nd in the ASPCA Maclay finals, and her students have been in the top 10 of all major equitation finals in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Her students have taken top honors in National and International 3, 4 and 5* competitions both in the US and in Europe and over the years her hunters have won multiple year end awards, championship honors at indoors and many horse of the year titles.
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