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Augie and Michael Cruciotti
Branding, Advertising and Financials
Michael Cruciotti
Michael grew up as part of the Serenity Family. Working alongside his mom, dad and sister to build the families dream of a top show facility. Michael learned about the industry by attending horse shows and working on the farm. Michael also pursued his own passion of football and was recruited to play college football in 2012. While working on his academic career, Michael also played 5 years of college football.
In 2016, Michael graduated from Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington with a degree in Marketing and a degree in business. Starting his own company, M.A.C. Sports International in 2015, Michael springboarded a successful sports agency by using his prior expertise in the equine world to build a marketing firm that represented and promoted equestrian athletes. Michael has successfully developed several top Web sites for equine professionals and manages all of the social media for many companies. 
Michael is dedicated to managing all of the marketing, advertising and representation of riders for Serenity Farm as well as other top bussinesses.  
Augie Cruciotti
Augie has over 30 years of financial and customer service experience, working for large corporations. Currently, Augie works for the Anschutz Corporation and manages their technology investment group. On his free time, he manages the finances and investments for Serenity Farm. He and owner Cindy Cruciotti have been married for 30 years and during that time, Augie has become extremely knowledgeable with intricacies of the horse world. Augie brings an enormous amount of expertise to managing the financial challenges of Serenity farm.
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